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Mobile Working 4G

Mobile working? Remote office? No problem...

We help you stay connected on the move. Doing business shouldn't have to stop or become more difficult just because you're in an area with poor internet connectivity. With PopUp4G we give you back the control. Control to upload and download large files without having to find a cafe or service stop, now you have your own portable high speed internet connection giving you the freedom to business on your terms.

This is the ideal solution for rural locations, where broadband speeds are too slow to enable you to do the business tasks you need to do. A 4G connection gives you high speed internet that's reliable and robust, we can find the mobile network that's right for you, or even combine networks to give you reliable speed and fast data transfer.

Travelling internationally? 4G keeps you connected


If you're a frequent traveller, you'll understand the frustration of not being able to locate good WiFi at all times, meaning that your business communications can be compromised and business suffers as a result. With our PopUp4G solution, you carry your own internet connection in a box, so you can connect to fast, reliable 4G networks to enable you to access any web based applications with ease.

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