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Event 4G

Event 4G - Ensuring a great connection at your event

When you're reputation rests on providing a switched on audience the connectivity they expect, it's essential that you don't let yourself down with a poor wireless connection. PopUp4G is an ideal solution providing portable fully connected internet that performs hitch-free so your customers enjoy capturing, messaging and sharing their experiences and strengthening your brand.

We can provide a 4G solution for all types of events, indoors or outdoors, for medium or small requirements.


We provide 4G internet coverage for festivals, concerts, tours, retail, sporting events, trade shows, exhibitions and for many other scenarios where you need a robust and reliable internet connection.

4G is particularly useful  when your event is in a less accessible area, where normal broadband signals are too weak and unreliable.

PopUp4G provides that reliability as we are flexible on the mobile operators we can utilise, so we can tailor your configuration to your exact requirements, ensuring that you have fast and robust internet connectivity at all areas of your event site.

  • Fast, secure and reliable 4G internet access

  • Value added feature for your attendees

  • All types, sizes of event in or outdoors

  • Full UK wide service coverage

  • Low cost solution with full technical support

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