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4G Services

We enable wireless connectivity almost anywhere

Popup 4G makes connectivity easier for many temporary or permanent requirements where you need fast internet access where normal fibre broadband is either temporarily disabled, or simply not accessible when and where needed.

Our services are fast in implementation and can help in many applications. Our Business Fail-over service provides robust 4G connectivity where a normal connection is temporarily interrupted. Our 4G provision kicks in immediately so ensuring that normal business processes that rely on the internet can continue.

Wherever you need internet, we're here to help you put it in place via 4G. A fast and cost-effective alternative to fibre broadband and not constrained to the limitations of fibre in terms of accessibility and availability.


Ideal for events, festivals, regattas, business events, we can provide the internet connection that your customers expect, adding to the overall experience and allowing your audiences the freedom to communicate and share via a fast and secure 4G network. 

More about Popup 4G


Popup 4G is a division of P&C Communications, an IT and Communications company with a 28 year heritage of providing comprehensive solutions to businesses and individuals.

We are committed to providing fast and reliable services that solve business problems and allow for reliable wireless connectivity across a spectrum of requirements.


Our team are on hand to fully support you, from your initial enquiry onward, providing a high level of personalised aftercare with expert technical backup always on hand. 

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